HIV Vaccine Awareness Day Celebration

AfNHi this year culminated the HVAD celebrations by having a VUKA Show that was targeting young people’s voices on the progress of the HIV vaccine. In public health history, it’s important to note the greatest impact in eradicating or controlling infectious diseases has successfully been achieved through vaccination. However, most of the current HIV prevention methods need regular adherence or daily use. To help end the epidemic, an HIV vaccine which provides long-lasting protection is necessary. Our panel of speakers were hosted by our very own AfNHi Youth cohort member, Ituleleng Mothlabane, and featured a Kenyan clinical researcher Dr Charlene Biwott, and a medical doctor from Nigeria, Dr Progress Agbola. Key highlights of the panel conversation included discussions around the progress the HIV Vaccine development has made to date, amidst the urgent need that would be met by having a vaccine available in the near future.

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