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Behind Her Make-UP Lies The Untold Story

Most of us, I’m sure, grew up in households or communities where it was acceptable for a man to abuse...

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The role of young people and the journey to HIV Prevention

World AIDS Day commemorated each year, is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, to...

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WACI Health exists to champion the end of life-threatening epidemics and health for all in Africa by influencing political priorities through an effective, evidence-driven Pan-African civil society voice and action.

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GFAN Africa Torch Caraavan journey


Together we are stronger.
WACI Health is a member of numerous national and international networks, working groups and organisations in order to achieve more in humanitarian aid and development work.

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March 01 Wednesday

ZMCC Steering Committee Review Meeting

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Every 30 seconds, a child dies of acute malnutrition
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Individuals worldwide acquired HIV in 2020
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People are pushed into poverty because of health expenses
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A child dies every 2 minutes from malaria in Africa.

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