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AfNHi (Africa Free of New HIV Infections) is a prominent network of dedicated champions from across Africa who tirelessly advocate for biomedical HIV Prevention Research in collaboration with partners. With the aim to accelerate progress and prioritize the biomedical HIV Prevention Research agenda on the continent, AfNHi actively promotes local ownership and the utilization of indigenous strategies. The network not only advocates for the effective use of existing HIV prevention tools but also endeavours to drive the development of new tools and technologies. In addition, AfNHi diligently monitors the implementation of commitments made by African governments, ensuring the efficient use of resources, while advocating for increased public sector investment in health.

Despite the ambitious vision of achieving an Africa free of new HIV infections and an end to the AIDS epidemic by 2030, the continent currently faces challenges with several countries falling behind key elimination milestones. Recognizing the crucial role of young people in driving biomedical HIV prevention efforts, AfNHi emphasizes the need to empower youth to actively participate and shape the discourse in this field. Strong youth-led leadership and advocacy will play a pivotal role in determining the impact of existing and emerging technologies on reducing new HIV infections in Africa. In line with its strategic plan for 2022-2024, AfNHi is rolling out phase 2 of a structured
mentorship program, seeking the involvement of 12 dedicated young individuals. This program aims to enhance knowledge, amplify youth voices, develop advocacy skills, and foster leadership among young people in Africa, thereby contributing to AfNHi's overarching goals.

Ensure you adequately fill in the following sections for your application to be considered for shortlisting.
A.Eligibility Criteria:
B.Bio Data: Detailed bio-data of the applicant.
C.Implementation requirements: Detailed in the application form
D.References: Please provide the email and phone contacts of 3 professional references on the
application form.


Please submit your application through the online form provided at: or any pre-application inquiries or questions, please contact: []