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HIV prevention advocates in Africa, Civil Society, and Communities condemn the signing of the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill into law by President Museveni: Calls for dialogue

HIV prevention advocates, communities, and representatives of diverse health networks strongly condemn President Museveni’s recent ascent to the anti-homosexuality bill, which poses a severe threat to the fundamental principles of human rights and equity in Uganda. The decision to approve this bill is deeply troubling and sends a distressing message to not only the LGBTIQ+ community but also to human rights defenders, civil society, activists, and individuals worldwide who advocate for equity and justice. This legislation directly violates the rights to privacy, freedom of expression, and freedom of association enshrined in international human rights conventions, by depriving such rights, this legislation limits access to HIV services and thereby undermines Uganda’s efforts and progress towards ending HIV. We denounce any legislation that discriminates against or marginalizes any segment of society, including the LGBTIQ+ community.

Every person deserves to live free from discrimination, persecution, and violence, and their rights must be respected and upheld by their governments, as such, we communities and civil society call upon;

  • We demand President Museveni and the Ugandan government immediately and unequivocally repeal the act, aligning with the obligations set forth in international human rights treaties that Uganda has willingly ratified.
  • African leaders and the international community to initiate a meaningful dialogue with the Ugandan Government, urging them to reconsider this unjust and discriminatory legislation.
  • We implore other African nations not to entertain legislations that undermine human rights and pose a grave risk to communities seeking vital health services, as such actions could hinder progress towards global goals.

About AfNHi:
Africa free of New HIV infections (AfNHi) is an African regional advocacy network dedicated to advancing advocacy, policy, regulatory, community engagement, and communications efforts that help accelerate biomedical HIV prevention research in Africa. The network began in 2012 as an extended exchange around the need to champion African-led advocacy in biomedical HIV prevention research among HIV Prevention advocates.

Signed by communities, HIV prevention advocates, young people, representatives of health networks, and Civil Society organizations, indicating their collective support.

  1.  Activists Education and Development Centre (AEDC)
  2.  Africa free of New HIV infections (AfNHi)
  3.  AIpas
  4. Advocacy for prevention of HIV and AIDS (APHA)
  5. AVAC
  6. Caribbean Centre for Human Rights
  7. Consolation East Africa (CEA)
  8. County government of kajiado
  9. Civil Society Platform on Health in Africa (CiSPHA)
  10. The Eastern Africa National Networks of AIDS and Health Service Organizations (EANNASO)
  11. Feminists in Kenya
  12. Global Fund Advocates Network – GFAN Africa
  13. Global Health Visions
  14. Global Justice Institute
  15.  Glebia org
  16. GNP+
  17. Hope for Future Generations
  18.  Impact Drivers
  19.  IPM
  20.  Key Affect Populations Alliance of Lesotho
  21. Key Population Consortium of Kenya
  22.  LEHA
  23.  Mirror Arts
  24.  Metropolitan Community Churches
  25.  Nadharia Kenya
  26. PEMA Kenya
  27.  Positive Young Women Voices
  29. Reproductive Health Network Kenya -RHNK
  30.  Stephen Lewis Foundation
  31. Tanzania AIDS Forum
  32.  Tanzania Network of Women Living with HIV
  33.  The Botswana Network on Ethics Law HIVAIDS
  34.  The Queer Republic
  35. Touch A Child Initiative
  36.  Trans Alliance Anna Foundation Uganda
  37.  Uganda Network of AIDS Service Organizations (UNASO)
  38. Vijana pamoja
  39. WACI Health
  40.  Wits RHI, Johannesburg, South Africa
  41.  Y+ Global
  42.  YEM Kenya
  43. Youth Advisory Council
  44.  Youth Spaces Africa
  45.  ZOOLOOh International