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The global health financing landscape has drastically changed since the end of 2019. The emergence of Covid-19 dramatically increased the need and urgency for investment in global health and additional funds have been needed to respond to the pandemic and its direct and indirect consequences. Overall, countries around the world...

AfNHi this year culminated the HVAD celebrations by having a VUKA Show that was targeting young people's voices on the progress of the HIV vaccine. In public health history, it’s important to note the greatest impact in eradicating or controlling infectious diseases has successfully been achieved through vaccination. However, most...

Stakeholders have warned that COVID 19 disruptions are likely to set back efforts made in curbing HIV infections back to ten years or more. According to UNAIDS' new report released in July 2020, while securing antiretroviral therapy has been steadily improving, the progress is inequitable. In its report, Seizing the...

Dr Melinda Crane, Chief Political Correspondent of Deutsche Welle, chaired a high-level panel discussion on 26 October 2021 to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on young women and girls, particularly their access to health care. As compared with pre-pandemic levels, coverage of life-saving health interventions declined by 25%...

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