Ensuring Civil Society Voices in the Global COVID-19 Response: ACT-A Leadership

In October, the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator (ACT-A) undertook a review of its work for the stated purpose of potentially extending its mandate until the end of 2022. A new strategic plan and budget for the next 12 months were also released by the lead partner agencies.

ACT-A’s Platform for Civil Society and Community Representatives, co-led by WACI Health, the Global Fund Advocates Network, and StopAIDS UK, has been convening civil society representatives to provide input into the strategy and review processes. In each pillar and workstream of the ACT-A framework, the Platform will advocate for community and civil society representatives.

Recently, civil society through the Platform’s leadership sent a letter to the ACT-A Facilitation Council co-chairs and lead agencies outlining key issues for the strategy and a statement in response to the ACT-A strategic review. Civil society representatives in each ACT-A pillar continue to track developments closely and advocate for an equitable and responsive response to COVID-19. Read more

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