The GFF We Want & Love

The GFF We Want & Love

Tackling the greatest health and nutrition issues affecting women, children, and adolescents

      Helping to mobilize local resources to ensure sustainability and local ownership

            Empowering communities to strengthen their health systems by funneling resources to countries


Going the extra mile to resource CSOs & youth to drive critical action around healthcare and equality

Fighting to contain the impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic and to reclaim the gains

Focusing on driving country-specific priorities to strengthen health systems


Working to increase countries’ ability to thrive in the global economy

Ensuring that women and girls are empowered as leaders whose voices are considered


Working with CSOs to facilitate local monitoring and accountability for mobilized funds

Advocating for domestic and international resource mobilization for RMNCAH+N

Not leaving anyone behind

                     That is the GFF We Want and Love!

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