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The Torch Caravan, an initiative of the Global Fund@20, spreads light and hope throughout Africa.  In addition to passing the torch, eight countries reflected on the Global Fund’s impact on reducing disease burdens and building sustainable systems for health care. 

The highest level of participation has been achieved by civil society organizations, parliamentarians, and people dealing with the disease themselves. The Global Fund changed the narrative because before it came if someone had HIV, they would waste away and die. But since then, people have a new perspective.”   Maurine Murenga, Lean on Me Foundation, Kenya

There is much excitement and gratitude expressed by various countries. The Central African Region will receive the torch in September from the East African Region.

Peter Sands, Executive Director, the Global Fund: “We celebrate the people, the partners, the advocates and the communities who have led to this remarkable success.”

While providing supply support for the COVID-19 response to support overstretched healthcare systems and community health networks, Global Fund works tirelessly to protect lifesaving AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria programs. We are stronger when we work together. 

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