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The GFAN Torch Caravan has gained momentum since leaving South Africa in July and now spans five regions and includes 15 African countries in Africa. Southern Africa – South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Malawi East Africa – Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda Central Africa – DRC, Cameroon, Niger, West Africa – Senegal, Burkina Faso (Current holder) —– Nigeria, Ghana (October)
The Torch will be in West Africa during October and be received in the MENA region – Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, in November. The engagements among key stakeholders have been remarkable with interactions from:

● MoH (Permanent Secretary) – Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Malawi
● Ministers’ of Health – Uganda (Health and Finance), Ethiopia, Malawi, Rwanda, DRC
● Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM)

WACI Health, the GFAN Africa secretariat is encouraged to see that every participating country included their CCM in receiving and handing over the Torch. Despite language barriers, political unrest, and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Torch Caravan has traversed the continent. It is impossible to suppress the enthusiasm and appreciation shown during this journey of gratitude and hope. As a result, the campaign has enjoyed traditional and social media coverage, which has raised awareness. In addition, the Torch Caravan united communities from all walks of life in celebration and acknowledgement of the impact. Through parliamentary engagement, there is an increase in political will for the GF@20 campaign and strong collaboration as we work together towards the 7 th Replenishment. In addition, working with partners and stakeholders such as the British High Commission, TB HIV care, Malaria No More has built
stronger partnerships and collaborative efforts. The campaign strengthened partnerships between civil society, making it easier for them to collaborate in-country. A special highlight was when the Torch was received by Burkina Faso’s first-ever Olympic Champion, Hugues Fabrice Zango.

The celebrations will continue with cake cutting, dancing and hope until the Cape to Cairo Torch caravan campaign will culminate on 8 December 2021 in Durban, South Africa, alongside ICASA 2021.

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