Strengthened advocacy for the implementation of the national strategic plan (NSP) on ending gender-based violence (GBV) in South Africa:

In 2013 WACI Health was invited to join Stop Gender Violence (SGV) – a National Campaign to end gender-based violence. The purpose of the campaign is to call for a

fully costed and fully funded national strategic plan to end GBV. That plan will create a roadmap

that will align the country around a set of clear strategic priorities and create an accountability

mechanism for the performance of government, the private sector and civil organizations, in addressing GBV. When developed through broad-based national consultations and engagement, the plan to end GBV can be transformative. In 2017, WACI Health, as a member of the steering committee for this campaign, joined other CSOs to call on South African government to develop that plan to end GBV.

Highlights of achievements:

i). Shadow framework on NSP to end Gender Based Violence was developed and launched as an advocacy tool in October 2017

ii). Shadow Framework on NSP to end GBV handed over to various stakeholders including the then Deputy President’s Office, Honorable Cyril Ramaphosa, (now the President of the Republic of South Africa), workstream team of department of social development and department of women driving

the plan of action review process, European Union, and UN Women for buy in and as a tool of advocacy on what CS is calling for as response to GBV

iii). We achieved buy-in of provincial partners such as Provincial DSD of-fices, AIDS councils and

Commission for GenderEquality

iv). The campaign was presented in two conferences in 2016. These are: International Violence Prevention Conference and South Africa Violence Conference. We made a presentation of the campaign and shadow framework, which increased support for the campaign.

v). WACI Health (as a member of SGV Campaign) and MOSAIC are part of review process of the integrated plan of action working in collaboration with the national department of social development and department of women.

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