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The Global Fund Advocates Network (GFAN)

The Global Fund Advocates Network (GFAN) was established in 2011 to unite voices and efforts from all over the world to support a fully funded Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Hosted by WACI Health in Nairobi, Kenya, GFAN Africa has built a continent – wide social movement that demands health for all by recruiting, connecting and mobilizing advocates to communicate the urgent need for successful replenishments of the Global Fund.
Informed by the Global Fund investment cases, GFAN Africa membership reaches out to implementing countries, donors, private sector and foundations to contribute to the Global Fund so that resources which are raised are used to strengthen health systems prevent new infections of HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria and to save lives.

Uniting Africa civil society and community voices on Global Fund Advocacy and increase in domestic resources for health.

Our Objectives

Support Advocacy and Resource Mobilization – To empower and support GFAN Africa members in developing and implementing advocacy strategies (including working with media) on global health and resource mobilization for the Global Fund. 

Support Action – To initiate and support powerful action of GFAN Africa members at regional and national level.

Build the movement – To facilitate and expand the membership network in support of the Global Fund, with increased participation from advocates and affected communities in implementing countries, current donor countries and potential new donor countries.

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The overall purpose of GFAN Africa is to build a social movement in Africa to demand health for all by recruiting, connecting, and mobilizing advocates to communicate the urgent need and demand for Domestic Resource Mobilization and a successful replenishment of the Global Fund.


Here’s What’s Happening

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