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Our Strategic Approach and Theory of Change

WACI Health galvanizes the African Civil Society voice and facilitates the inclusion and leadership of African Civil Society towards defeating life-threatening epidemics while recognizing the importance of promoting broader health issues and human rights. Our approach is based on our theory of change, which is made up of three core strategies:

Policy Analysis & Advocacy;

Policy analysis for strategic input and accountability at global, regional and national levels. Through political advocacy, we will seek to influence perceptions, views and decisions of those in positions of power. We will continually seek to achieve improved tools for data analysis and evidence for advocacy. We will input into negotiations that shape and manage the global policy environment for health.

Civil Society Capacity Strengthening for Advocacy;

Strengthening capacity of Civil Society to engage as strong advocates for health in Africa. We will support realization of appropriate civil society capacity for utilization of tools, and knowledge to apply evidence in advocacy. We will seek to strengthen civil society and community organizing for health advocacy.

Civil Society Mobilization & Engagement;

Building a civil society movement in Africa in order to raise a critical mass of people whose voices and action will be core to ending the epidemics and improving health for all in Africa. We envisage a movement that will broadly contribute to health equity, human rights and gender equality. We see this strengthening/empowerment not only as a process in health advocacy but also an end in itself where empowerment contributes to sustainability beyond specific processes.

The theory of change is dynamic and interactive, with all of the strategies working together to impact 3 areas of Global Health work, which broadly point to our strategic objectives;

Increased Resources for Health;

We will advocate for investments by urging governments and international agencies to step up their investments in health.

Policies that will Improve Health & Achieve Equity in Health;

We will use our experience and expertise about political systems, policy options, and proven health interventions to push for policy change

Accountability in Health Governance & Delivery;

We will strive to ensure that investments and policies translate into practice, and into health impact.

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