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The GFF CSOs advocates should strongly call for increased engagement and participation of the local communities in addressing challenges in delivering RMNCAH-N. Accountability should be enhanced across the entire ecosystem identifying and holding the different stakeholders (e.g., government, CSOs, Faith-based institutions, citizens, youth, Donors) to account for the unique
roles that they play. The GFF should also push governments to stick to the GFF conditions ofadditionality” in order to unlock additional funds to improve health outcomes for women, children and adolescents. The GFF should advocate for the increased participation of CSOs and youth given that they are the linkage between the GFF and the local communities. Increased
knowledge of the existing GFF framework will also enable a better inclusion of community voices and representation by the CSOs and the youth. Encourage participation by other donor agencies and the private sector to support the RMNCAH-N initiatives. This will enable initiatives developed that are well suited to address the challenges facing the local communities.

The GFF should push for governments to share critical information across the different partners enhancing joint accountability. Increase the community engagement in addressing the challenges faced in the RMNCAH-N initiatives. The GFF should explore opportunities to increase the participation of private sector and other donor agencies in the GFF framework. This will drive the additional growth of the funds intended to invest in RMNCAH-N initiatives in countries.

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