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On 18 July 2019, GFAN Africa wrote a letter to The Netherlands, urging them to #stepupthefight. In the letter we noted with utmost gratitude, that since 2001 until the 5th replenishment, the Netherlands has contributed significantly towards the global goals to end the epidemics of HIV, TB and Malaria.

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As we thanked The Netherlands for its unwavering support to the Global Fund, we urged the country to increase its contribution to the 6th replenishment. The following countries joined in the day of action: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, South Africa, Burundi, Rwanda, Benin, Zambia, Ghana, Nigeria and Eswatini. After delivering and sending the letters, GFAN Africa engaged Netherlands on Facebook and twitter asking the country to #stepupthefight

The Global Fund aims not just to save 16 million lives in the next three years, but also to end the epidemics. By tackling HIV, TB and malaria through building resilient, sustainable and inclusive health systems, the Fund will enable the achievement of universal health coverage and SDG3 on the health and wellbeing of all.

The Netherlands’ smart, effective health investments through the Global Fund have helped save more than 27 million lives. With contributions of more than EUR 919 million as of December 2018, the Netherlands is the 10th largest public donor to the Global Fund. In the last replenishment in 2016, the Netherlands pledged EUR166 million. We are asking Netherlands to increase its pledge for the 6th replenishment by 15%.

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