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Celebrating GFAN Africa’s 2023 Achievements: A Year of Advocacy and Progress

In 2023, the Global Fund Advocates Network (GFAN) Africa marked an extraordinary year, demonstrating remarkable achievements in health advocacy and domestic resource mobilization across the continent. With a focus on collaborative empowerment and strategic advancement, GFAN Africa’s endeavors throughout the year have set a new benchmark for health advocacy in Africa. Here, we reflect on the key milestones and the collective impact of these efforts.


A Unified Voice for Health Financing

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GFAN Africa’s engagement with 18 African parliamentarians under the Nairobi Declaration was a landmark initiative, birthing the Regional Parliamentarians Taskforce on Domestic Resource Mobilization for Health in Africa. This body aims at advocating and  emphasizing the significance of domestic resource mobilization for sustainable health financing in Africa. This effort has not only reinforced the commitment of African leaders to health advocacy but has also spotlighted the imperative role of domestic resources in ensuring health equity and access.


Forging Stronger Partnerships for Health

The synergy between GFAN Africa and GFAN Asia-Pacific through the ‘Meet the Target 2.0’ campaign exemplifies the power of cross-regional collaboration. This campaign has been instrumental in sustaining advocacy for a fully resourced Global Fund and advocating for increased domestic resource allocation for health, embodying a collective commitment to universal health access.


Empowering Voices and Engaging Communities

GFAN Africa’s focused efforts on community and civil society engagement, particularly in Kenya and Malawi, underscore the organization’s dedication to amplifying voices at the community level. By facilitating dialogue and community engagement within the ongoing High Level Health Financing Reforms, GFAN Africa has played a pivotal role in shaping health financing reforms that are inclusive and equitable.


Influential Advocacy at Key Global Events

GFAN Africa’s active participation in significant global platforms, including the World TB Day, the World Bank Annual Summit, and ICASA 2023 amongst many other key moments, has amplified its advocacy reach. These events provided vital opportunities to highlight pressing health issues, mobilize support, and influence policy at both regional and global levels.


A Steadfast Commitment to Human Rights

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The platform’s united response to the Anti-Homosexuality Act in Uganda exemplifies GFAN Africa’s unwavering commitment to human rights. By mobilizing a collective response and advocating for the rights of marginalized communities, GFAN Africa has reinforced the intrinsic link between human rights and health equity.


Looking Ahead

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As we celebrate the achievements of 2023, GFAN Africa remains resolute in its mission to advocate for sustainable health financing and equitable healthcare across Africa. The journey continues, and the network is poised to build on this momentum, driving further progress toward the 2030 global health targets.


GFAN Africa’s 2023 milestones are not just a reflection of the past but a beacon for the future, guiding continued advocacy and collaboration toward a healthier, more equitable Africa. Uniting voices, advocating passionately, to ensure Health For All in Africa.


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