Robinson Mwaniki, an experienced ICT Advisor based in Nairobi, Kenya, specializes in optimizing digital footprints and driving effective communication strategies. With a strong emphasis on internal and external communications, Robinson has a proven track record of enhancing organizational visibility and engagement through online platforms.

Robinson’s expertise lies in developing innovative solutions to strengthen WACI Health’s digital presence and amplify their message. He excels in managing campaign websites, strategically leveraging social media accounts, and utilizing existing brand accounts for advocacy purposes. Additionally, Robinson is adept at coordinating internal communications, analyzing communication systems, and implementing necessary adjustments to improve overall efficiency.

With a comprehensive skill set and unwavering dedication, Robinson Mwaniki is committed to maximizing WACI Health’s digital footprint, increasing visibility, and fostering meaningful engagement across various online channels. His proficiency in digital communication and strategy makes him a valuable asset in achieving organizational objectives.

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