We were as joyous as a river during the yuletide (Christmas moment), when an unexpected guest strike in.
Tinier than the smallest atom and has put an end to all public functions.
This fierce intruder migrated from the pacific to the Atlantic. Is this the end of age? Or is nature unleashing her rage? Some asked, but the world is still craving for answers

It present with flu, fever, short of breath, pains and pneumonia, Corona virus ( Covid19)🦠 it’s experts called it . Quietly it will make the respiratory tree of mankind it dewelling place . It was first seen in an industrious area now a global pandemic. And our resting places has become cage.

The virus 🦠 is a respecter of non and has infected all Race and region: Africans, Americans, Asians and Europeans, it has no margin or choice over personality.The adoption of wearing face masks, frequent hand washing and physical distancing are some of it preventions they proclaimed. Sadly it has led to the Closure of all international boundaries and coursing global panic and economic drawback in all of the globe.

Even though the world is being faced with this deadly enemy called covid19 we should not ignore other killers that are out there including malaria.

My name Is Ibrahim Shaibu Madie Zaman, a Youth Leader For Health Advocate, a Law and Human Resources student of the university of Sierra Leone 🇸🇱.

I’m call upon all Heads of States, International Organizations, Stakeholders and Communities. To invest more and increase Domestic Funds into the Health Sector and the fight Against malaria. The lives of these children and pregnant women are in our hands let protect and save them from malaria.

It so sad to know that a child die from malaria in every two (2) minutes and about one thousand two hundred (1200) children die due to malaria everyday in the world.

We are the generations that can end malaria but we cannot do it alone, United we stand Together we will excel.
It might be you, it might be me let come together and make the world a better place again.
Zero malaria starts with me.  Let the beat Continue.

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