September 19th 2019! Francophone African Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) joined forces and actively participated in a day of action set by GFAN AFRICA. Indeed, via the networks GFAN AFRICA & CS4ME, CSOs gathered the signatures of 110 CSOs colleagues from 14 francophone African countries on letters addressed to the Presidents of African countries, asking them to #stepupthefight and participate and contribute to the success of the replenishment of the Global Fund. Following the presidential letters, coordinated by Impact Santé Afrique, CSOs from Cameroon, Benin, Togo, Guinea, Gabon, Mali, Niger, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast held press conferences in their respective countries to push for increase of domestic contributions and highlight the importance of these funds for the end of the epidemics n of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.


                                                                                                      Francophone African CSOs participate in a day of action

We  thank all the CSOs and mainly the coordinators in each country (ROAFEM, APDSP, OFIF ,Affirmative Action, PHIIC, AJEP, Club des Amis du Monde, POSSaV, RACOj, FENOS CI , ASAPSU, Dimension Humaine, RMAP+, RENAPS AJ, POLICIS, ONEN, SongES, FARHAN, MVS, plate-forme DES-ICI) whose efforts have contributed certainty to Africa’s strong participation in the Lyon Conference for the first time, an unprecedented record was set: the historic contribution of 24 African countries!

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