On the 9th of October AfNHi (Africa Free of New HIV Infections) organized and facilitated a research ethics webinar that introduced AfNHi members to the principles of research ethics in Africa with an in-depth look into the role of community and advocates. The aim of this online training was to fast-track the biomedical HIV prevention research agenda so as to end the HIV epidemic in Africa.


With the awareness created from the comprehensive dive into demystifying clinical trials, this initiative allows AfNHi members to meaningfully engage with the research process and knowledgeably inform and mobilize communities, researchers or policy makers. Studies have shown that clinical research is more likely to succeed when all stakeholders regard the research as relevant and the process as collaborative.

These ongoing series of research ethics webinars will continue to ensure that AfNHi members are in a better position to appreciate and understand clinical trials, and apply these to support research through their engagements with stakeholders during the entire life-cycle of a biomedical HIV prevention trial, and beyond.

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