Civil Society platform for Health African

The Platform of Civil Society Stakeholders working on health in Africa is a coordination forum of network and network organizations with thousands of member organizations across the continent of Africa; engaged in the promotion, protection and enforcement of the right to health

At the time, there was almost no inclusive coordinated CSO engagement with the African Union processes related to the health commitments made at several meetings of the Union: with particular emphasis on the Abuja 15% of national budget to health expenditure; Africa Health Strategy; and the Road Map on Shared Values and responsibilities.

The Platform was formed on the same principles as the AIDS treatment movement. The CS platform members pride in that legacy, seeking to promote it and sustain the same momentum created then by the AIDS treatment access movement.

Today, the Platform represents and coordinates several constituencies: Human resources for health; HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria; Family Planning; Sexuality; Gender; Research and academic institutions; Policy think tanks; Statistical agencies; SRH with Rights; Access to Medicines; Youth leadership; Education; Human Rights amongst others.

The platform's work is guided by a 3-year strategy, whose objectives are as follows:



Significantly increase and sustain advocacy efforts to hold African Union Member States accountable to their commitments to the Abuja 15% for health declaration



Enhance delivery systems through a sustained human right based approach and promote the enforcement and protection against violations for health and HIV related human rights



Increase civil society engagement capacity in ensuring the Health goal and related targets of the post-2015 development framework and AU 2063 targets are achieved within priorities of regional and national development agenda’s.

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